When I first moved to Australia I was disappointed by the quality of television available.  Budgets were low, lighting was bad, and most TV consisted of exported reality/documentary shows from the BBC.  In fact, I was so disengaged that we didn’t have a television for an entire year (and only then because Brian snuck one into the apartment).

Over time I have become incredibly fond of Australian television.  It is almost sweet.  There are things on Australian TV that just wouldn’t make it in the United States.  On broadcast television in prime time spots you can find a book club and a round up of the latest advertising.

One time, I even caught a show that simply replayed newscasts from key events (major sporting events, the shooting of Pope John Paul II, and the verdict in the Schapelle Corby case).  Pure genius!  That has to the lowest cost show in history!  I just wish I could remember the name and when it airs.

But my absolute favorite show is Landline.  Landline is an hour long news program that focuses on rural issues.  It caps off each episode with a report on commodity prices.    Ever wonder about the economics of sod farming?  Check.  Curious about how the war in Ukraine is impacting the manufacture of the iconic Australian Akubra hat?  They have you covered.  You sit down and find yourself immersed in topics that you never even considered.

And I have excellent news.  It is available for free online!  Admittedly, I have not tried accessing ABC iView outside of Australia, but I encourage you to give it a try.  This show is worth the effort.  Watch.  Learn.  Love.  It makes my weekend.

Landline – ABC iView