Two years ago my husband and I married.  Shortly thereafter, we packed our apartment up in Washington, DC and moved to Melbourne, Australia.  I could say a lot of cheesy things about marrying my best friend etc.  But instead I will just sum it up this way:

The past two years have thrown a lot our way.  While we have been incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to move to Melbourne, we have also had our share of sorrow.  We have lost loved ones so very far away and faced sickness here at our new home in Melbourne.  Still, for what it is worth, it has been another great year and I hope for many more with you (i.e., Brian).

As the traditional wedding gift for a second anniversary is cotton, I ordered two Turkish towels from the Etsy seller DokumaAtelier.  Shhhhhh… don’t tell Brian as I suspect it will not be arriving at the end of the day. I am hoping these will dry quickly as don’t have a drier here.

Turkish Towel

I also thought that I would share with you my favorite memory with Brian from this past year.

Brian hates our apartment.  He finds our neighbors to be a bit too rowdy.  And so, when our lease was up at the beginning of the year he was intent on finding us a new home.  I, on the other hand, was less than convinced about the need for a move.  Nonetheless, I travelled with him to Brighton to visit a house that was for rent.  In fact, it wasn’t half bad and as we walked through the rooms I was starting to warm to relocating.  Brian was enamored with the idea of having a yard.  We stepped out back and closed the door behind us to inspect the modest garden.  Unfortunately, when we went to return inside we found that the door had locked behind us and that none of the keys given to us by the realtor worked for the door to the backyard.  This left us trapped behind a ten foot fence.  To make matters worse, when we called the realtor, we were told that we would have to wait quite a bit as there was only one secretary staffing the office and she needed to wait for another employee to start work before coming to release us.  I began to have visions of us sitting in this yard for the remainder of the day.  Before I could realize what was happening, Brian risked his neck and broke us free.  He scaled the fence, and dropped into the scummy backyard of the abandoned house next door.

We didn’t end up moving.  After our adventure, it seemed like it wasn’t worth the work.

IMG_0222-1 IMG_0223-1